Pleated Bag Features & Highlights

Innovative Filtration Pleated Bag Filter Elements offer significant advantages over traditional bag & cage technology offering direct replacements for most standard top and bottom load collector designs.


Also featuring:

  • Grounding Features – contact Innovative Filtration for unique designs and media options for filter constructions requiring conductive properties.
  • Ease of installation and removal. 
  • Media Options (contact Innovative Filtration for media specifications sheets)
    • Polyester Spunbond – Best-of-Class (to 265F Continuous Operating Temperatures)
      • PTFE Membrane Treatments  to 99.99% efficiency
      • HO Treatment for additional aids in dust release
      • Conductive Media  (spunbonds and needle felt options)
    • Aramid Stiffened Needle Felts – Proprietary to 375F Operating Temperatures
    • PPS Stiffened Needle Felts – Proprietary to 350F Operating Temperatures
  • 2-3 TIMES the filtration media over traditional bags – significant reduction in air-to-cloth ratios allowing for excellent dust release characteristics resulting in increased airflows and reduced differential pressure during operation
  • Requires less compressed air pressure to pulse clean a pleated filter
  • BRITE WHITE polyurethane molded constructions and various potted designs available.